• Fitness Advertising 3 : Fitness Advertising 3
  • Dunlop Collages : Advertising campaign for Dunlop
  • Print Advertisement for Barrington Estates Wine
  • Reshaping Archviz (with WIP) : Advertising for SOA Academy Day #7.
  • Photoshop Pieces.Billboard Advertisement (Area 51)-Travel Poster (Japan)
  • City Of Taste : Creative direction for Italian food fair. Advertising, dressing and web communication. Abbiategusto 2015 is the city of taste!
  • 广告创意的优秀设计灵感 广告创意的优秀设计灵感
    广告设计灵感版面设计 广告设计灵感版面设计数字媒体 数字媒体车体广告 车体广告广告讯息 广告讯息招聘广告设计插画 招聘广告设计插画平面广告设计艺术 平面广告设计艺术创意广告广告活动广告灵感 创意广告广告活动广告灵感创意广告公交站 创意广告公交站艺术方向 艺术方向平面广告设计排版 平面广告设计排版现代广告设计海报 现代广告设计海报广告活动 广告活动泰国广告 泰国广告创意广告logo 创意广告logo
  • Gefen - NY : advertising campaign for Gefen - Creative Direction: Motty Landau
  • IN THE CORNER : When advertising photographer Tim Tadder and digital artist Mike Campau collaborate, the result is typically unique, inspiring and a breath of fresh air into a crowded visual landscape. This time the two join forces to create a blend of sp
  • 芃睿PR护肤品拍摄 |PR Advertising photography|摄影|产品|PR_Jane - 原创作品 - 站酷 (ZCOOL)
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